Friday, August 31, 2012

Coming Back

Yep, I'm going to try to do some more blog posts after experimenting around. I'll try to review a few flash games, so be on the lookout!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pixel Goodness

Normally when you then of pixel games, you think of those first few games. The type of game when games were babies, so to speak. 8-bit and 16-bit, to be more specific. Pixel games seem to be a very popular genre in flash games as well, in the age of advanced technology in gaming.

Why are they so appealing when they aren't even graphically appealing, you may ask? Well, the games may cause a nostaligic effect. That is one key reason why many older games would come back. In addition, younger gamers go to see what it was like before their time. Some even like the pixelated graphics, like myself.

There are a numerous amount of games out there on flash gaming websites that are great examples of retro-pixel type games that are still very good, and very fun. They include great gameplay, even for their simplistic style.

A great example of one of those games would be Dino Run. Simplistic, yet addicting gameplay and suberb pixel sprites and backgrounds, it is a prime example of why we enjoy pixel games. You play as a raptor that has to outrun the apocolypse that caused the dinosaur extinction. It may sound easy, but trust me, when you play it, you best know some moves to get past this madness!

Zombies and pixels, isn't that something? The Infectionator series combines both of those elements to make a truely unique game. Infect the whole world with the virus you can continue to upgrade, which causes those that get in contact to die or turn to zombies. Don't worry either, you'll have the help of some very special characters, now turned to zombies.

My last example and reccomendation would be the Raider series by Pseudolonewolf, which has you as an alien that traverses through future/ancient style environments, all the while fighting enemies, and ultimately surviving to continue on the great story.

There you have it! Pixel games are great, and so are these I have mentioned. Remember, if you want more, after you play these games on Kongregate, click the Pixel tag to see more amazing games!


Created for Lundum Dare #23, under the theme "Tiny World," Fracuum is just that, and it does a great job. This may be a short game, taking you no more than 15 minutes to complete, but I promise you the 15 minutes or so it does take, it wont be a waste of time.

There is only one level, but as you go through a maze-like atmosphere, the level gets smaller and smaller, and when you start them game, you see what you are decending into. A small world, filled with strange objects that you should best avoid. But, do not worry. If you find the gun, the path to the end will be easier. At the end however, be careful, and make sure you have plenty of life to take on the boss!

Collect coins for a good score, or just beat it, that is up to do. My words do it no justice, this game looks great despite the retro style. If you have no already, try it out now on Kongregate for some fun, and badges too.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flash Gaming vs. Console Gaming

Maybe you are new to flash gaming, or maybe you are a "veteran" of it. You may still think, console gaming is better. That statement, to which I agree with, can still be countered. In fact, there are a plethora of flash games out there that last much longer than those that are on the consoles. The following would be: play time (yes, really), entertainment value, and replay value. Often times as well, flash games are more open to updates, because, them being smaller, updates come faster.

A fantastic example of a flash game that is console-worthy would be Mardek: Chapter 3. The series is of three parts at the moment, and it is a retro pixel RPG for traveling, (and of course, many RPGs have traveling), and when you get into fights, you get slick, good quality animations of the characters and spells. The game is so in depth, much more so than many games I could think of. It is console-worthy because it plays like an old Final Fantasy game. And that being said, it isn't the only game that you could spend hours in. I put in more than a days worth of Mardek: Chapter 3, and still I have no beat it.

I think another fantastic example of a console equivalent game would be Meat Boy. You may be familiar with Meat Boy, or perhaps Super Meat Boy, which actually made its way to Xbox Live Arcade using the same concept as the flash game it originated from, and polished up and expanded on. And yet another game using this adventure would be Fancy Pants Adventures. That series, starting first on flash, soon came to the consoles on their networks as well.

It is quite interesting, really, how you can go from such a small scale such as flash and compare it with consoles, and actually have competition, or furthermore, be console game material.

Now, if you are interested in the games I have mentioned, follow these links:

And if you are interested in Super Meat Boy, it is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Steam, Mac OS X, and Linux.


Fixation will keep you captivated and addicted at the same time. This is because it combines heavy puzzle elements with unique physics, as well as heavy dialouge that has a definate psychological meaning behind it.

Play as Kathryn, and go through dozens of levels of puzzles (using smoke and smoke rings from cigarettes to overcome obstacles, of all things!), dialouge, and fun. Kathyrn is having a hard time with life, so as you go on, it becomes more than that, it becomes a journey, and you think about what is going on, what all this means, unlike many other flash games.

I think you should find out for yourself what I mean, the game is one of the most worthwhile plays you could get for flash games. Try it out now on Kongregate for badges!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Nuclear Outrun

Who doesn't love outrunning nuclear missiles while fumbling over zombies and various other objects while toting a vast arsenal of guns and driving a sweet truck? I know I do, and I think you will agree once you play this game

Now, the creator is Nerdook, a very well known developer that makes Kongregate his home for his releases. This is the newest of his bunch, and it is different too, because it is the first of his game to use physics. The physics aren't too bad, either, and being well developed the obstacles in your path will serve as a challenge.

The object of the game is that you have 20 trucks, and you have to get to the end of the level that is filled with zombies, boxes, and explosives. As you make attempts, you gain new weapons and level ups which you can spend on upgrades for your weapons, truck, and the stage. It all adds to replay value and the guns defiantly up the fun factor. 

This game is another one of Nerdook's fine creations, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You can try it out from this link:


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