Sunday, May 6, 2012


Created for Lundum Dare #23, under the theme "Tiny World," Fracuum is just that, and it does a great job. This may be a short game, taking you no more than 15 minutes to complete, but I promise you the 15 minutes or so it does take, it wont be a waste of time.

There is only one level, but as you go through a maze-like atmosphere, the level gets smaller and smaller, and when you start them game, you see what you are decending into. A small world, filled with strange objects that you should best avoid. But, do not worry. If you find the gun, the path to the end will be easier. At the end however, be careful, and make sure you have plenty of life to take on the boss!

Collect coins for a good score, or just beat it, that is up to do. My words do it no justice, this game looks great despite the retro style. If you have no already, try it out now on Kongregate for some fun, and badges too.

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