Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pixel Goodness

Normally when you then of pixel games, you think of those first few games. The type of game when games were babies, so to speak. 8-bit and 16-bit, to be more specific. Pixel games seem to be a very popular genre in flash games as well, in the age of advanced technology in gaming.

Why are they so appealing when they aren't even graphically appealing, you may ask? Well, the games may cause a nostaligic effect. That is one key reason why many older games would come back. In addition, younger gamers go to see what it was like before their time. Some even like the pixelated graphics, like myself.

There are a numerous amount of games out there on flash gaming websites that are great examples of retro-pixel type games that are still very good, and very fun. They include great gameplay, even for their simplistic style.

A great example of one of those games would be Dino Run. Simplistic, yet addicting gameplay and suberb pixel sprites and backgrounds, it is a prime example of why we enjoy pixel games. You play as a raptor that has to outrun the apocolypse that caused the dinosaur extinction. It may sound easy, but trust me, when you play it, you best know some moves to get past this madness!

Zombies and pixels, isn't that something? The Infectionator series combines both of those elements to make a truely unique game. Infect the whole world with the virus you can continue to upgrade, which causes those that get in contact to die or turn to zombies. Don't worry either, you'll have the help of some very special characters, now turned to zombies.

My last example and reccomendation would be the Raider series by Pseudolonewolf, which has you as an alien that traverses through future/ancient style environments, all the while fighting enemies, and ultimately surviving to continue on the great story.

There you have it! Pixel games are great, and so are these I have mentioned. Remember, if you want more, after you play these games on Kongregate, click the Pixel tag to see more amazing games!

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