Friday, May 4, 2012

Nuclear Outrun

Who doesn't love outrunning nuclear missiles while fumbling over zombies and various other objects while toting a vast arsenal of guns and driving a sweet truck? I know I do, and I think you will agree once you play this game

Now, the creator is Nerdook, a very well known developer that makes Kongregate his home for his releases. This is the newest of his bunch, and it is different too, because it is the first of his game to use physics. The physics aren't too bad, either, and being well developed the obstacles in your path will serve as a challenge.

The object of the game is that you have 20 trucks, and you have to get to the end of the level that is filled with zombies, boxes, and explosives. As you make attempts, you gain new weapons and level ups which you can spend on upgrades for your weapons, truck, and the stage. It all adds to replay value and the guns defiantly up the fun factor. 

This game is another one of Nerdook's fine creations, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You can try it out from this link:

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